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Safe Spaces Founders



Nizhoni Maddox

A single mother of 6 children and member of the BIPoC community. She grew up in Northern and Central Maine under addiction and extreme poverty and has experienced many losses, homelessness and discrimination. She moved to Vermont in 2006 and has been an advocate, activist, organizer and public speaker for the poor and disenfranchised since. She has sat on both the select board for the Town of Hartford and the Hartford Committee for Racial Equity and Inclusion during her time as a public official. Safe Spaces has been a dream project for many years inspired by the desire to foster a caring community for People of color residing in New England and beyond. Nizhoni currently serves as Safe Spaces Executive Director.

Asma Elhuni


Asma Elhuni  has organized tirelessly around issues of immigration, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, state-sanctioned violence, and economic justice. She staunchly believes in collective liberation – we will never be free until we all are free.

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