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From discussion groups covering a variety of books and topics to yoga and meditation, Safe Spaces will be holding several groups to discuss books, life and find your center, connect with others and so much more...stay up to date by checking our community calendar frequently to find a group that fits you!  Have an idea for a group email us at


Jol [jawl] is a widely-used term for ‘club’, ‘party’ or to ‘have fun’ in South Africa. Indaba [in-daa-bah] A conference or expo, from the Zulu word for ‘a matter for discussion’.

A space for fun and community building. Ages 9-19. Our BIPoC youth will be building and determining  what they want out of THEIR social club. YOU HAVE A VOICE. YOU MATTER!! 

Sporty Teens
Group of Friends
Cute Kids Posing Against Wall
Excited group of friends in car
Kids Dancing
Group of Friends
Hip Hop Fashion
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