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Safe Spaces

Our Structure

Safe Spaces is made up of two sides of the organization:


Safe Spaces for BIPOC

Safe Spaces will coordinate both physical and figurative spaces to enable Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color to connect and create community, heal, advocate, and lead our collective liberation. BIPOC members will be provided free access to these Spaces and programming.


Safe Spaces for Aspiring Allies

Safe Spaces for Aspiring Allies will be a paid membership-based community of aspiring non-BIPOC (White) allies who aspire to take part in our collective liberation. These Aspiring Allies will come together in a safe space to learn about the systems of racism we operate in, to confront their privilege and racism, to advocate for change, and to heal. Aspiring Allies’ paid membership will (alongside Grants and other fundraising) fund Safe Spaces as a whole, including the BIPOC experience.



Both sides of the organization will come together on a regular basis to connect, learn from one another, and to participate in collective healing. This will take place in the form of programming, workshops, events,shared meals, and shared space.

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